The argument to ban her is as follows. The petition decries —

  1. A culture of misinformation,
  2. The spread of fictitious/unsupported claims, fake news, and false information about pressing issues, and
  3. Eliciting unwarranted hate from the public.

However Mocha Uson interviews real people and national figures.

More importantly, the columnist points out that:

  1. Free speech includes false speech.
  2. Free speech includes hateful speech.

According to Oscar Tan:

Free speech protects the exchange of ideas, but online interaction is increasingly fueled by emotion, with memes, sound bites and satirical graphics overtaking nuanced debate. Banning all this because Mocha shares links to fake news sites undermines the spirit of free speech.

He ends with a simple statement:

… our Constitution has not changed to strip Mocha of her rights simply because the internet has evolved.

So should Mocha Uson’s Blog be banned?


The author thinks that banning Mocha is evil, and he makes a pretty good point.