Say what you will about Mocha Uson but the one thing that cannot be denied is the fact that she has become one of the most powerful voices in the Philippine social media scene today with over 4 million followers.

A post by Thinking Pinoy  last Aug 22, shows that according to Facebook insights her blog ranks second place with an engagement of 1.2 million which is head and shoulders above Rappler and Inquirer which only drew around 406k and 340k respectively.



Regarding those numbers, Mocha Uson claimed that the reason why her page gained popularity was because both Rappler and Inquirer are biased in their reporting when it comes to issues about President Duterte.

Comments like these and accusations of spreading false news are part of the reason why Mocha Uson has become a target for ire and haters from various sectors.

I also have the right to speak.

Mocha Uson unapologetically speaks her mind on her first published column with Philippine Star

Like you, I have the right to speak, to express my opinions and to fight for what I believe in. My blog is not a news outlet; I am simply expressing my thoughts and opinions.

I am not a journalist. It is public knowledge that I am a Duterte supporter so don’t ask for balanced reporting since that is the job of the mainstream media. But if you are affected by people unfollowing you and following my blog then maybe it is time for you to start being balanced in your way of reporting. And for some Facebook pages, maybe it is time for you to stop doing things for money and start helping your country.

Regardless whether you agree or disagree with Mocha Uson’s views she has the right to free speech, she has the right to speak her mind.

Carmel Abao’s article said it beautifully


Last I checked our constitution hasn’t changed

Free speech is everyone’s right and should be respected.