The Supreme Court-approved Marcos Burial was done privately to avoid confrontation and issues.

Instead of being peaceful as intended, demonstrations from a relatively small group of people were hyped by the media to make it look like another People Power was in the making.

This was EDSA 1986:


This was EDSA Dos:


This was the yellow rabble of November 19:

Does the MMDA photo above look like People Power to you?

Is that a lot of people? Yes. To be fair, Martial Law affected many and we can honestly say that they do have legitimate grievances. But that’s why we have our courts, right? That’s why we have something called the Rule of Law.

But there’s something even more distressing with the event if we zoom in closer.

Instead of being an act of civil disobedience, it was a collective act of hate led by yellow zombies.

Why hate? Look at the banners of these so-called ‘disente’.

The language of our youth
The language of our youth
This coming from the ‘educated’ of ADMU, DLSU and UPD? Wow
How very mature
The language of Disente today

The photos above were sourced from the FB post of Boris Hallig Panganiban, an admitted ‘neutral’, who makes a very good point about this being an issue of values.


But will the disente crowd adopt this value system? No. They’d rather hurl invectives. Just like”intellectual” Lourd de Veyra:

Lourd de Veyra

Obviously he’s of the view that “fighting fire with fire” is good and will lead to unity. So much for Christian values.

Speaking of values, will we allow children to be used politically by yellow institutions for sympathy? Shame.

Here’s the video of children protesting for an issue they know nothing about. They obviously were led to do this.

If this is what passes for “disente” these days then thanks-but-no-thanks.

Maybe the memes that have been spreading have some truth to them:Plus 5 sa exams UP rally Rallyista

Lest someone point out that this is simply fluff “propaganda” piece, here’s one Bert Lorica, an educated professional, who disagreed with the Marcos burial issue but did so critically rather than just joining the bandwagon:



We can summarize his point in two of his own sentences:

The living can do more harm than the dead. If we are only protesting the burial, then isnt that myopic?

Oh but “myopic” has always been the yellow standard of viewing things. So to you protesters, your “myopic” Pied Pipers have had the chance to improve the system. Deal with their missed opportunities and allow the next batch of leaders, the “non-disente” ones,  to carry the torch.