It seems that Ramon Tulfo has turned 180 degrees and attacked the President’s War on Drugs.

He states that there have been ugly by-products of the war. One of them is the extortion of innocent civilians who are falsely accused of being involved in the drug trade. Most of these are Chinese-Filipino businessmen or expatriates. Some cops use the campaign against drugs to settle personal scores.

Law enforcers are engaged in outright kidnapping. They pretend to arrest their prey, bring them to safehouses and releasing these victims after the ransom is paid. Tulfo says that charging them in court is a waste of time and should be disposed of with “extreme prejudice.” He believes that our judiciary is utterly inefficient or corrupt. These villains might even be acquitted and go on with their evil ways.

Tulfo believes that policemen who are kidnappers, drug traffickers or who are recycling seized narcotics, involved in car theft, robbery and who are killers-for-hire should be shot in the head, dumped in the streets or hanged from electric posts.

He believes that this is the only way to cleanse the Philippine National Police (PNP) of bad elements.

His most damning statement was about replacing PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

The criticisms he labeled against the PNP Chief from his article were as follows.

If President Digong wants to instill fear among policemen and criminals—there seems to be no more distinction between the two—he should replace PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa.

Dela Rosa is all bluster but lacking in action.

He has not inspired respect among the PNP officers corps and the rank and file because they look at him as a clown; always making the public laugh instead of being serious in his work.

His promise to give huge bonuses to top-ranking officers last Christmas, which never came true, confirmed their suspicion that he’s irresponsible.  (An report quoting a source said some police officers were given the bonuses in private—Ed.)

Whenever there was a crisis involving the PNP—such as the US Embassy incident where a police car rammed several demonstrators, and the killing of Mayor Rolando Espinosa in his jail cell—Dela Rosa was out of the country.

Dela Rosa is deemed soft on erring policemen like those who kidnapped a Chinese-Filipino businessman in August and more recently, a Korean businessman.


He concludes that PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa is nothing more than a clown and that people will not take the President’s War on Drugs seriously because of this.

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